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We are strongly supporting
Phil Pluckebaum for City Council

Photo of <p>Dr. Ami Bera</p>

Dr. Ami Bera


Photo of Phil Serna

Phil Serna

Sacramento County Supervisor

Photo of <p>Jim Cooper</p>

Jim Cooper

Sacramento County Sheriff

Photo of <p>Lisa Kaplan</p>

Lisa Kaplan

Sacramento City Councilmember

Photo of Steve Cohn

Steve Cohn

Fmr. Sacramento City Councilmember

Photo of Steve Hansen

Steve Hansen

Fmr. Sacramento City Councilmember


Public Officials

  • Dr. Ami Bera, Congressman

  • Phil Angelides, California State Treasurer (ret.)

  • Deborah Ortiz, State Senator (ret.)

  • Rich Desmond, Sacramento County Supervisor

  • Patrick Kennedy, Sacramento County Supervisor

  • Phil Serna, Sacramento County Supervisor

  • Jim Cooper, Sacramento County Sheriff

  • Lou Blanas, Sacramento County Sheriff (ret.)

  • Sandra Smoley, Sacramento County Supervisor (ret.)

  • Bobbie Singh-Allen, Elk Grove Mayor

  • Lisa Kaplan, Sacramento City Councilmember

  • Steve Cohn, Sacramento City Councilmember (ret.)

  • Steve Hansen, Sacramento City Councilmember (ret.)

  • Jeff Harris, Sacramento City Councilmember (ret.)

  • Gregg Fishman, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Director

  • Howard Posner, Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) Director (ret.)

  • Jamee Villa, Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education Trustee

  • Leticia Garcia, Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education Trustee (ret.)

  • Jay Hansen, Sacramento City Unified School District Board of Education Trustee (ret.)

  • Brian Cooley, Sacramento County Office of Education Trustee (ret.)

  • Ann Blackwood, Los Rios Community College District Trustee (ret.)

  • Rick Launey, San Juan Unified School District Trustee (ret.)

  • Brian Holloway, American River Flood Control District Trustee

  • Bob Thomas, Sacramento City Manager (ret.)

  • Kendra Macias Reed, Sacramento City Design and Planning Commissioner

  • Joseph Yee, Sacramento City Planning and Design Commissioner

  • Bill Farrell, Sacramento City Planning and Design Commissioner (ret.)

  • Jia Wang-Connelly, Sacramento City Planning and Design Commissioner (ret.)

  • Alix Ogilvie, Sacramento City Planning and Design Commissioner (ret.)

  • Tamiko Heim, Sacramento Active Transportation Commissioner (ret.)

  • Scott Patterson, Sacramento Human Rights/Fair Housing Commissioner (ret.)

  • Tricia Stevens, East Sacramento Community Association President*

  • Nick Kufasimes, East Sacramento Community Association Vice President*

  • Barry Broad, Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region President*

  • * Organization listed for identification purposes only


  • The Sacramento Bee

  • Inside Sacramento


  • Harry S Truman Democratic Club of Greater Sacramento

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 340

  • Laborers Local 185

  • North State Building Industry Association

  • Operating Engineers Local 3

  • Peace Officers Research Association of California

  • Sacramento Association of REALTORS®

  • Sacramento Democratic Alliance

  • Sacramento Metro Chamber PAC

  • Sacramento Police Officers Association

  • Sacramento Region Business Association
  • Sacramento-Sierra’s Building & Construction Trades Council

  • Teamsters Local 150

Community Members

  • Panorea Avdis

  • Katherine Bardis-Miry

  • Chris Chediak

  • Maren Conrad

  • Paula Cook

  • Paula Creamer

  • Todd Damiano

  • Chet Davis

  • John Doherty

  • Phil Fine

  • Rob Finley

  • Kevin Flanagan

  • Mark Friedman

  • Brendan Gage

  • Amy Gardner

  • Angela Gianulias

  • Fielding Greaves

  • Daniel Gregory

  • John Hodgson

  • Ryan Hooper

  • Dale Howard

  • Jonathan Hunt

  • Todd Kaufman

  • Matt Keasling

  • Scott Kingston

  • Karen Korbs

  • Dr. Darrick Lawson

  • Eric Levinson

  • Michael Miiller

  • Louis Mirante

  • Bay Miry

  • Dean O'Brien

  • Barbara O'Connor

  • Ryan Pessah

  • Bill Portanova

  • Dan Ramos

  • Vito Sgromo

  • Clara Smith

  • Steve Smith

  • Greg Thatch

  • Keri Thomas

  • Frederick Tornatore

  • Alex Torres

  • John Vignocchi

  • Julie Virga

  • Mike Whiteside

  • Michael Winn

  • Jim Wiley

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