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Leadership for a Better Sacramento

We can Build a Better Sacramento

Sacramento is currently facing many challenges. Families no longer feel safe, businesses are struggling or have closed, and homelessness continues to skyrocket with no solutions in sight. We can and must do better.

Safe Neighborhoods

Protecting our community is my top priority. Many are concerned about the escalation in crime and too many feel that the city is not fulfilling its duty. I will work with our public servants, especially firefighters, law enforcement officers, and emergency outreach staff, to ensure they have the resources to be responsive and protect the safety of all Sacramentans.

Breaking the Cycle of Homelessness

I am dedicated to responding to the homelessness crisis, which has reached unprecedented levels in our city. The human suffering and impacts on our communities are unacceptable and require urgent attention.  It's time for bold action to create affordable housing and transition the unhoused off the streets and back onto a path of stability and self-sufficiency.

Affordable Housing

We must create more affordable housing options for all income levels. Sacramento possesses enormous potential to tackle the affordability crisis while maintaining its status as one of the most livable cities in California. That's why I’m passionate about amplifying our efforts to increase housing options for residents and families of all income levels.

Strengthening Local Businesses

Sacramento's strength lies in its vibrant local businesses, including its exceptional restaurants, unique boutique shops, thriving breweries, cozy coffee shops, and diverse nightlife options. Helping our local businesses recover is important as we move beyond the pandemic; it is imperative that we prioritize supporting our local businesses to ensure their success, growth, and longevity.

Serving You

I believe in leadership through service and as your next City Council member, I will work hard for you. I will place a strong emphasis on listening to and addressing the concerns of our community members. I believe in working collaboratively with residents and organizations to effectively address Sacramento’s problems.